Meet Chef Maria Iglesias

Chef María Iglesias was born and raised in the beautiful city of Puebla, Mexico. She has more than twenty (20) years of experience in the Hospitality Industry who truly specializes in Mexican Culinary Arts. In 1985, she arrived to the land of opportunity, New York and worked hard to obtain her dream. In 2000, she successfully opened her first Mexican restaurant “La Hacienda” and in 2012 launched La Adelita Restaurant Bakery located in Woodside, Queens. Later on after the building was demolished.

in 2016. Ms.Iglesias decided to explore and opened a new restaurant in Long Island City name, “Corazon de Mexico” mean “The Heart of Mexico”

Subsequently, Mrs. Iglesias has striven to provide a warm family friendly ambience, maintain an authentic Mexican culture, cuisine and tradition.

Every ingredients and recipes are authentically made, the secret sauce is a legacy her grandmother passed onto her mother and that she will pass onto her daughter as well.

For these recipes Chef Maria specialize in using natural ingredients and spices such as oregano, epazote, avocado leaf and bay, directly imported from Mexico. These ingredients in addition to rock salt are used to create special sauces such as tequila sauce, orange sauce and chipotle that addsa special, unique taste to the meal.

Chef Maria, thinks of herself as a fighter, which honors La Adelita the name of her previous restaurant. She is a creative, optimistic and hardworking individual who is committed to achieve her goals to succeed in her business.